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  • The Colony Green Condominium Community in Blossom Valley San Jose is typically peaceful and quiet. Exceptions are when the landscapers are mowing and hedging and on Wednesday morning when the garbage and recycle trucks are making their rounds.

    On October 31, 2017 there was all kinds of noise and activity taking place in the community. This was the view from my kitchen window.

    I prefer peace and quiet yet I am happy that I was able to capture this on video.
  • This feral rooster which I have named Mr. Green Jeans resides in the Colony Green Condominium community in Blossom Valley San Jose, CA. He will not let anyone close to him. This video was taken from my kitchen window. As he forages for food a squirrel appears out of nowhere and causes the rooster temporary alarm.
  • The Colony Green resident rooster calls to my neighbor who did not answer the call. Mr. Green Jeans hangs out a lot near my Colony Green condo. He is often so close yet when I get near him he takes off clucking and running.

    I will not give up my attempts to rescue him and take him to a sanctuary in Clayton, CA where he can live with a flock of chickens and other farm animals. I believe he will be much happier.
  • Colony Green Condos in Blossom Valley San Jose is home to Mr. Green Jeans . I've fallen in love with this little guy. My quest is to safely capture him and bring him to a 37 acre sanctuary in Clayton., CA. He deserves to life with others like him.
  • for more information about the homeowners that sold their San Jose home of 28 years and purchased a new construction home out of the area.

    Sellers hired Kathleen Daniels, Independent San Jose Real Estate Broker to list their San Jose home for sale and represent them on their purchase of their new construction home.

    All Buyers of new construction and resale homes need buyer representation from their own agent!!!

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose and San Jose metro area home.
  • for more information about this Alum Rock San Jose home sold by the administrator of a probate estate.

    Administrator was represented by Kathleen Daniels, Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and Independent San Jose Real Estate Broker.

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose home.
  • for more information about the journey of these buyers who relocated to San Jose, CA. It took 9 months to secure them a San Jose home!

    Buyers represented by Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker-Owner, KD Realty in San Jose.

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose home.
  • for more information about the San Jose home sellers who sold their home and purchased a new construction home out of the area.

    Sellers represented by Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker-Owner, KD Realty in San Jose.

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose home.
  • for more information about these first time home buyers that choose to relocate from the San Jose bay area and purchase a new construction home. They are over the moon and living their dream of home ownership.

    Buyers represented by Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker-Owner, KD Realty in San Jose.

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose home.
  • Video testimonial from co-executors of their brother's estate. Both executors reside out of the area. There were 12 agents seeking to be hired for the job of listing the San Jose townhome for sale.

    Property listed exclusively by Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker-Owner of KD Realty in San Jose.

    Her clients are more than satisfied and became a fan!

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help listing a probate home.
    Listen to what John Haake has to say about the sale of his Colony Green Condo. Living on the East Coast John relied upon Kathleen Daniels to manage his tenants move out, hire contractors to do some work, coordinate staging and ready the condo for sale.

    Multiple offers were received. Sales price was over $36,000 above list price. Escrow closed on schedule with no hiccups or delays. John hopes the new owners enjoy living in the Colony Green Community as much as he did.

    Condo listed exclusively by Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker-Owner, KD Realty in San Jose. No one knows the Colony Green Community better than Kathleen Daniels!

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a San Jose home.
    The Colony Green Community is located in Blossom Valley in San Jose California. The community was developed by The William Lyon Company in 1984. Colony Green continues to be a highly desirable and affordable place to live. In 2015 many original homeowners still live in the community.

    Contract Kathleen Daniels 1-408-972-1822 for help in buying or selling a Colony Green Condo or any San Jose home.
  • Hardwood floor refinishing - How long does it take to sand and refinish hardwood flooring?

    - Time to refinish floors and drying time for oil based poly
    - Time to refinish hardwood using water borne poly
    - Items that can expand the timeline

    Westchester County NY. For more info on hardwood flooring and hardwood refinishing, call The Flooring Girl 914-937-2950 or visit our website at

    Video Transcript:

    Hi.My name is Debbie Gartner and I'm known as The Flooring Girl.Today I'm going to answer the question about how long it takes to sand & refinish Hardwood floors. It's one of the most frequent questions I get from my customers, and it's a very important one.

    Smart customers ask this and plan ahead. I can't even tell you how many people call at the last minute, and as a result, they are in a bad situation. They often have to postpone when they do this or reschedule, or they need to reschedule when thee movers will be moving the furniture or stay in a hotel or use an inferior type a poly.

    All of this is solvable. You just plan ahead.

    First, in terms the timeline, it depends on if you're using oil or water-based poly (and I'm going to be doing a separate video on that).

    But, here's a brief synopsis. Oil-based poly will last longer, than water-based. Most people prefer the look of oil-based. It has a richer glow and timbre. I don't mean it's shiny because we usually do with a satin finish. But, the water base has a much duller finish and the oil based is what you're much more accustomed to you in terms that the healthy look of wood. Oil based is generally less expensive as well. For all these reasons, it's generally ideal to use oil-based poly.

    There are exceptions which I'll get to, but at least keep options open right now.

    In general, it will take 3 to 5 days to do the work plus you have drying time on the other end. And, most people forget this in their time line. This can vary based on whether you're doing a stain or how dark the stain is (darker stains take longer to dry), humidity levels play a factors as well. If it's more humid,it will take longer for the poly to dry and can vary based on the size and scope of the job. If you have 3,000 square feet do, it can easily take an extra couple days. Usually when you're doing natural, it's a two- to three-day process; usually when you're doing a stain, it's 4 to 5 days. Stains could take up to 48 hours to dry (sometimes 24hrs, but plan on 48). If you're doing 3 coats of poly, and a factor in day for each coat, you are easily at 5 days. If you have more than 1000 square it can add to the timeline as well but often if you plan ahead, we can double up on the crews.

    If there's prep work to do before, such as carpet rip up and staple removal (staples can take a very long time remove) or vinyl and sanding off the adhesive under the vinyl, or if there's repair work or moving furniture - all these can add to the timeline. Sometimes just a few hours but sometimes it could take an extra day or two depending on the scope. You also need to plan around Sundays

    After the work is done, you need to wait 24 hours before walking on it. At that point socks ONLY. At 48 hours ,you can wear shoes and at 4 days you can put furniture back or you can put the drop cloths down (if you're going to be doing painting.) You also need to factor in extra time before dogs can walk on the floor as well as area rugs.

    If you're doing water-based poly, the biggest benefit is that it will cut down the timeline. it would only take 2 to 4 days to get the work done. Usually 2 days if it's natural; usually 3 to 4 days if it has a stain. And, then the drying time afterwards will be shorter instead of 4 days before moving furniture, it's only 2 days. You can see how it definitely cuts down, but it still takes time to do. You still want to done to plan ahead.

    Things that can throw the time off: The biggest factor is weather, and that's outside of our control. If it is very humid, it will take longer for the coats to dry. Of course if there's a snow storm work if you lose power that's going to delay the process as well.

    Also, if you have pine or maple floors, those can be more challenging to be refinished. They take a little bit longer to do. And, also, if you have Herringbone or parquet, those will take longer as we need to sand in two different directions. Or if using our dustless system that can also take a take a little bit longer for set up and maneuvering the machine.

    Most people choose to do this work before they move into their new house. Or, if they are already living there, they'll do it while they're away on vacation. You can't walk on the floors and it
    is smelly and messy. So, the best advice I can give to you is to plan ahead.
  • Photos taken by Kathleen Daniels on the Martial Cottle Park trail in Blossom Valley - San Jose on June 11, 2014. I love walking the trail. It's exciting to watch the transformation of the 237 acres of farm land into the future home of Martial Cottle Park.
  • Pumpkins and Halloween fun with lots of jump houses in Blossom Valley San Jose. Located in the Park & Ride parking lot at Blossom Hill Road & Indian Ave at the 85 exit.
  • Lake Almaden Park is this San Jose Real Estate agents favorite park in San Jose! Surrounding this park you will find Almaden Valley homes and Blossom Valley homes. People come from all over San Jose and surrounding San Jose communities enjoy this beautiful park. There is plenty to do or do nothing at all and just enjoy nature.
  • On the spot interview with Eric T. Nelson. Kathleen Daniels, ActiveRain Ambassador asks Eric how long he has been a member of ActiveRain. The interview took place at a Meet-Up at VIE Winery on Treasure Island on August 21, 2013.
  • The Bay Area Meet-Up is just getting started at VIE Winery on Treasure Island. A group of ActiveRain members gathered for a networking event. We had a grand time. Many more people arrived after this video was taken.
  • Bay Area ActiveRain Member Meet-up on August 21, 2013 at VIE Winery on Treasure Island. This was such a great networking event. Food, Fun, Wine and bocce ball with great views. I look forward to our next Meet-up.
  • If you don't want to cook in Blossom Valley on Monday night then join the gang at Moveable Feast on Blossom Hill Road at Indian Avenue and the 85 exit to Blossom Hill Road. Enjoy great affordable street food, music and meet new friends between 5pm and 9pm on Monday night.

    If you are looking to buy or sell a Blossom Valley home remember real estate is local. Hire a local agent. Contact Kathleen Daniels at 408-972-1822 or visit
  • Relay for Life - Almaden, May 4, 2013. This American Cancer Society event started at 10am on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Teams walked all day and all through the night for 24 hours non-stop. This was my first ever Relay for Life event. I was invited as a guest of honor to walk with other cancer survivors on the first lap. I walked for several hours with my friends. The record heat in Almaden did not stop us from walking, celebrating and remembering those who lost their battle with cancer.

    This was an amazing event which I am blessed to participate in. It will not be my last.

    None of it would be possible without the support and dedication of so many people.

    Unfortunately, on 11/16/2013 I discovered the music that was playing at the opening ceremony was deleted by the YouTube police. I just don't understand people some of the time. The music you hear playing is not the original music.
  • Active Rain Bay Area MeetUp in San Leandro, CA.
  • The Best of the Bay Area Real Estate Professionals
  • New construction of Blossom Valley Homes at the corner of Blossom Hill Road and Southcrest Way between Chesbro and Cahalan in San Jose in the 95123 zip code.

    The single family homes will be approximately 1,660 to 2,159 square feet and will be up to 4 bedrooms. Anticipated pricing from the high $600,000's

    It's a convenient Blossom Valley location close to shopping, dining and freeway access.
    The name of the Development is Westbury developed by Brookfield Homes.

    Video courtesy of Kathleen Daniels, Broker San Jose Silicon Valley Real Estate 1-800-972-1822 or visit
  • The importance of the first offer: The first offer in every San Jose real estate transaction sets the stage for the entire sales process. The psychology of the buyer and seller are both examined in this interview with Exclusive San Jose Homes,, realtor and listing agent Kathleen Daniels. Setting the price at the right market driven point in a realistic way impacts the entire sales cycle in San Jose real estate.
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